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We provide you a range of IT services for your Business


Design and Print your Dreamed Label with Phainky Collection.

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Our offers wide range of designing services

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Created in 2018, Phainky is all about delivering high quality web-based solutions, T-shirt design & Printing and IT enabled services at low and reasonable costs.

Our expertise and skill-set include the design and development of websites and applications specializing in Church website, Ecommerce, Real Estate, Portals, Corporate, Online Store, Travel & Tourism, E-books, Dating, Job, Hotels, CMS ( Content Management System ) etc.

We believe in the power of imagination.

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in Dzaleka Refugee Camps / Malawi. Many kids have no Access to technology due to their condition and the lack of institutions that are really ready to create the Tech Environment. Here came Phainky Valley Project to Introduce children aged 5-15 in Dzaleka and the surrounding Area into technology providing skills in Coding, Robotic and Artificial Intelligence. 

Hand a smartphone or tablet to a toddler, chances are they’ll figure out how to open it and make some in-app purchases in a matter of seconds. The technological boom means that children are becoming computer experts at a very young age. Elementary school kids have classes on computers, and many of them have been using their computers and tablets at home well before they started school. As kids are learning from a very young age about technology, they’re making huge strides as they grow in being prepared for schooling, future careers, innovation, and more.